How to Create an Optimized, Mobile-ready Application Experience

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Introducing the Attain Partners Admissions Connect Application Template

This easy-to-use template allows institutions to create an optimized, mobile-ready application experience for potential students.


For university recruiting and admissions teams, it’s important to have an optimized, mobile-ready, and easy to use application. But why does delivering the best possible application experience have to be so difficult? It doesn’t.

Watch this on-demand our webinar or contact us directly to learn about the Attain Partners Application Template built using the power of Formstack!

Attain Partners leveraged Formstack to develop an Admissions Application Template designed to accelerate your Salesforce Admissions Connect implementation. Your admission application can be the first interaction a potential student has with your institution. It’s essential to get it right.

Our Admissions Application Template Accelerator reduces time and expense to go live with Salesforce’s Education Cloud Admissions Connect.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see a live demo of our accelerator and learn:

  • The benefits of integrating with Formstack
  • How Admissions Connect can streamline your application process
  • Why Attain Partners can help you go live faster and more efficiently

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How to Create an Optimized, Mobile-ready Application Experience