Attain Research Performance

An intuitive SaaS product that analyzes
the performance of research institutions

Infused with over 40 years of extensive experience and leadership in understanding the financial performance of sponsored programs, Attain Research Performance (Attain RP), formerly known as Attain Density, is an intuitive Software as a Service (SaaS) product that analyzes the performance of research institutions. We supply clients with industry-leading analyses down to the staff level and across multiple years, all while minimizing expense, workload, and the need for technical expertise.

Powerful Insights at Affordable Prices

Available with a short implementation window and an affordable annual fee, a subscription to Attain RP provides decision-makers at your institution with broader and deeper insights into your institution’s research, and its associated financial costs and spatial usage, all with no increase of full-time equivalent (FTE) costs.

Attain platform charts on laptop screen
Attain platform Grace Freeman statistics on laptop screen

Comprehensive Analyses at Every Level

This new proprietary analysis tool helps your organization navigate both current year performance and multi-year trends related to your institution’s density, effective recovery, space breakdown, and more at any unit level relevant to your institution.
For example, an executive at an institution can review the indirect cost recovery (IDC) and IDC density of the institution as a whole, the college of arts and sciences, the chemistry department, and a single investigator.

Metrics to Support Every Decision

Supporting this level of detail enables institutions to monitor performance against density targets, make space allocation adjustments, and identify sources of rapid growth against key metrics such as effective recovery, IDC density, or modified total direct costs (MTDC) dollars.

Attain platform trend chart on laptop screen
Attain platform School of Medicine overview on laptop screen

Adapts to Your Institution

We understand the fluidity, nuance, and complexity that exists within and across research organizations and have designed our product to accommodate these factors. Our propriety data-driven configuration approach enables seamless adaptation to your institution by automatically utilizing preferred terminology, supporting many-to-many relationships, and accepting any number of custom attributes. This data-driven configuration approach not only enables Attain RP to adapt to your institution, even as it changes, but also facilitates a rapid implementation—less than 60 days for most institutions.

What You Get:

Key metrics such as density and effective recovery

Trend data at any level of your institution

Customized cost metrics at an affordable price

Time-efficient implementation of ~30 days

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