Asset Management and Valuation

Our experts harness decades of experience to provide reliable services for capital equipment inventory and reconciliation, building componentization studies, property insurance appraisals, and depreciation reporting for financial statements, compliance, and the indirect cost component reimbursement for federal awards and grants. In addition, we provide policy and procedure review recommendations for capital equipment inventory and fixed asset capitalization.

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Our Approach

We specialize in serving the unique needs of healthcare, higher education, research, nonprofits, government entities (city, county, state, and federal), as well as a wide range of private industries. Our highly efficient team is focused on assisting clients meet regulatory compliance with FASB and GASB 34/35 capital asset reporting requirements, audit support, Uniform Guidance, inventory perpetuation and asset stewardship practices, asset lifing studies, risk mitigation, and fixed asset depreciation accuracy, consistency, optimization and compliance.


  • Capital Equipment Inventory – Barcode and RFID tagging; full physical inventory verification and reconciliation; Impact on asset depreciation reporting; asset stewardship and inventory perpetuation services; and policy and procedure reviews. Learn more.
  • Building Componentization Studies – Segregates building construction and renovation projects in building, building services and fixed equipment categories for regulatory reporting compliance; assigns useful lives in compliance with AHA and federal reporting requirements; enables accurate and enhanced depreciation for financial reporting purposes; provides room level asset detail to asset space-based indirect cost reimbursement analysis: and can be used for research density analysis. Learn more.
  • Property Insurance Appraisals – Independent third-party estimate of the insurable replacement cost of real property (buildings, leasehold improvements, and land improvements) and personal property contents (computers, furniture, equipment, etc.); supports lower premium policy renewal cost by providing an accurate value; assists internal risk management analysis; provide detailed building reports with summary of personal property and land improvements by location; and detailed line-by-line itemization of personal property can be used for property loss events and claims dispute resolution. Learn more.
What We Do

We provide a variety of capital asset valuation services that support a range of institutional requirements. Find out what we can do for you. 

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Federal and State Compliance

Depreciation Reporting

Building Componentization Studies

Capital Equipment Inventory / Reconciliation

Asset Lifing Studies

Capitalization Policy and Procedure Review

Supporting the indirect cost component of an F&A rate proposal, including cognizant agency audit

Property Insurance Valuation

Solving Industry Issues

Asset Management and Valuation Services support critical information needs of our clients, address short-term staffing shortages, accomplish large asset projects in a time efficient manner to meet tight deadlines, and provide knowledge for best practices tailored to meet the unique ERP and accounting data systems. Other keys issues:

  • Audit findings or non-compliance with Federal regulations
  • Asset records are incomplete or locations are not regularly updated or current
  • Carrying unrecorded retirements in your asset record
  • Building depreciation does not reflect actual service lives or under-report actual depreciation expense

For more information, view our services overview PDF.

How You Benefit

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Improve your organizational compliance
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Maximize F&A Rate Reimbursement
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Comply with OMB 2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance
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Control insurance costs
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