Attain Rate

Your holistic F&A cost recovery solution

Infused with over 40 years of experience in developing and negotiating recovery rate proposals for higher education and research institutions, Attain Rate is an intuitive, cloud-based indirect cost recovery rate calculation and proposal development tool. Available with low set-up costs and a low annual fee, Attain Rate can help your organization develop a robust proposal to navigate the dynamic relationship with the federal government.

Easy Import

By utilizing a simple file-based import system, Attain Rate can be easily integrated into your institutions’ ecosystems and workflows.

Attain platform import page on laptop screen
Attain platform pool list in laptop screen

Create Pools in Minutes

Further, with a powerful rule-based mapping system, institutions can quickly code some or all of their ledger in a matter of minutes. These rules persist even when the ledger is changed, allowing institutions to start with incomplete datasets without having to worry about losing progress.

Record Level Adjustments

In addition, while the rules are useful for quick mass coding, users can also adjust the coding of specific entries in their ledger. These adjustments are actually turned into rules themselves, meaning they too persist and can be done on incomplete datasets.

Two Ways to
View Data

All this mapping is used by the system to automatically calculate every component of your indirect cost recovery rate. Attain Rate features two ways to view these components, so you can select the approach that works best for you.

Attain platform pie charts on laptop screen

The first is a clear visualization of the allocations and cross-allocations to/from each cost pool and subpool.

Attain platform allocations table on laptop screen

The second is a set of proposal-ready reports that provide a detailed breakdown of how each pool and subpool are created and allocated, as well as any supporting information. Both the mapped ledger and the reports can be exported to Excel, allowing users to use their data or tune their reports to their exact specifications.

Functionality for Multiple Scenarios

Finally, Attain Rate allows the use of multiple scenarios, enabling users to try out different data, mappings, pools, bases, and reports in each scenario. Through this, users are able to create scenarios that are relevant to the proposal for a given year or methodology, as well as experiment with alternate configurations. Furthermore, we allow users to copy the rules and data, if desired, from one scenario to another. This allows institutions to use a previous year’s ending point as the starting point for the next year.

What you get:

30+ reports for long-form proposals

15+ built-in pools and subpools

Powerful automated cost mapping rules

Clear allocation visualizations

Learn More

Interested in learning more? Fill out the form below to request more information or a demo from one of our team members. We can help you understand how Attain Rate fits into your financial management process and software ecosystem. Demos will cover how to import, map, and analyze data using Attain Rate, as well as how to create the reports required to submit your F&A proposal.

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