Compliance Services

Compliance is critical to your organization’s ability to make an impact. Our team provides world-class expertise navigating the complex and dynamic regulatory environment, implementing industry best practices, and optimizing performance. Learn more about our compliance services below.

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Our experts bring industry-leading expertise in allowable costs, Facilities & Administration rate proposals and negotiations, proposal submissions, financial reporting and closeouts, and research compliance including export control.

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We offer world-class expertise in implementing industry best practices; reviewing, developing, and applying costing methodologies; and interpreting the dynamic regulatory environment that affects cost recovery rates.

Our tailored consulting solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Using comprehensive financial aid assessments, we provide schools with a customized action plan to streamline processes and improve efficiencies, while maintaining compliance with federal regulations.

Our experts harness decades of experience to provide reliable services for capital equipment inventory and reconciliation, building componentization studies, property insurance appraisals, and depreciation reporting for financial statements, compliance, and the indirect cost component reimbursement for federal awards and grants.

Drawing on our deep and talented pool of subject matter experts, Attain Partners helps place interim talent into your institution to ensure operations continue to run smoothly and that you receive optimal funding. We will provide you with several qualified candidates and work with you to select those that best fit your operational needs as well as your style of work and culture. We can help your institution keep the wheels turning and headed in the right direction with our expertise.