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Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot are powerful platforms that can do more than just marketing—they provide the connection between you and the people that you care about. The Attain Partners Digital Engagement team is here to guide you on that engagement journey. Whether it is a new implementation, review of an existing configuration, or enhancements to your current state—we will be with you every step of the way.

The challenge in large-scale, complex marketing automation implementations is the methodology. Most consultants want you to spend an enormous amount of time and money on a large, up-front discovery or solution design. Although those conversations can result in some impressive documentation, they are largely unproductive because they take place at the wrong time. Your teams don’t yet have a firm understanding of how the systems work best—and the partner doesn’t yet have a firm understanding of how your business works best.

Attain Partners has a different approach. We work with you to determine what outcome you’re looking for, get your accounts configured, and then get your early adopters into the platforms early and often. Your teams begin to segment audiences, send emails, and get a feel for the platform and its complexities. Once your team is comfortable, that’s the perfect time to dig deeper into the details as we talk with you about how to use your now-familiar platform to get what you want. In this way, Attain Partners is focused on rapid time-to-value in getting your account configured while building your team up in their platform experience, so that we can have a conversation about merging our platform experience and best practices with your knowledge of how your organization works.

Empowering You to Leverage

We can help with large-scale, complex marketing automation projects, right down to email essential projects for higher education and nonprofits. Our services include delivery, advisory, and support capabilities within Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

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Delivery Services

A Unique Approach Yielding a Plan of Action

Advisory Services

We Listen and Have Opinions

Support Services

After the Dust Has Settled

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Campaign management, new instances, new business units, new components, new journeys, platform refinements, new data sources—let our team be your guide to making the most of your investments while decreasing your time-to-value.

The first thing you’ll notice in discovery is this—we do more listening than talking. The result? An approach crafted and customized for your unique business based on years of experience that keeps your team from getting caught in an architectural misstep. We deliver a carefully curated digital marketing program that’s truly unique because that’s what your brand should be—unmatched and unrivaled.

When it comes to audits, journey mapping, and process optimization, some partners are order-takers. They listen, but don’t advise. They implement, regardless of the impact. They may warn you as you go down the path less traveled, but they do so quietly. We’ve been there and done that, and we know that the only way that we will be successful is for you to be successful. Our team can perform audits on existing setup and data, leveraging years of experience to provide a menu of options to make your account more effective. Our team knows strategy—not just how to implement a journey, but what makes for the best journey.

Training and support during and after your project are critical. We know that part of ensuring that you’re successful in the long term is making sure that you partner with a team that is committed to understanding the why and the how behind not just the platform, but also your specific implementation. Our teams are committed to providing the training that you need to be able to take the reins of your project once it is live. We know that the happiest customers are the ones who get to feel the sense of accomplishment in implementing their own journeys and ideas down the road—and it makes us happy to set the stage to make that happen.

Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Working with Mogli, our Salesforce Digital Engagement Team accomplished exciting digital transformation work for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). UCCS can now send bulk and one-to-one SMS messages to prospects, inquiries, and applicants easily and efficiently leveraging Mogli and their new Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot instances.

“As a result of Attain Partners’ implementation expertise when it comes to these tools, we are now able to see all the various SMS messages and email communications that we’ve had with each student, giving us a clear picture of our engagement with students during their time at UCCS,” said Chris Beiswanger, Director of Admissions at UCCS.

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