Attain Apps

Democratizing our knowledge to optimize your mission outcomes

Infused with 40+ years of experience serving the public sector market, including the higher education and sponsored research communities, and designed to democratize knowledge, the Attain Apps platform delivers a series of products to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of your institution. These products enable customers with a wide range of budget and level of complexity to optimize mission outcomes.

Attain Apps

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Attain Apps is built on leading-edge cloud technology, which means shorter and less expensive implementation periods, higher availability, built-in top-notch security, behind-the-scenes maintenance, frequent updates and feature releases, and faster development of new products. Furthermore, Attain Apps has been designed to support highly variable information models and use cases, allowing each product to adapt to your organization’s specific needs.

Learn more about our products below.

Attain Research Performance

Optimize your organization by understanding your research institution’s performance

On every campus, research space is at a premium, yet there is often an opportunity to maximize the return on that asset by identifying underutilized space or potential high-growth research. We developed Attain Research Performance (Attain RP) to tackle this challenge.

This product delivers an industry-leading analysis, without increasing workload or the need for high-cost technical resources. Unlike standard data visualizations, our easy-to-read dashboards leverage industry best practices to not only display and visualize your data, but also calculate and roll up key metrics like research expense density and effective rates of recovery. Attain RP allows you to investigate your research performance metrics down to the investigator level, empowering your data-driven decision-making.

Attain RP features include:

Expense Density

Effective Recovery

Space Utilization

Attain Strategic Finance Performance

Instant results and recommendations to improve your financial health

Though often mocked, the phrase “unknown unknown” is an appropriate one with respect to the true financial health of many institutions of higher education. Designed and developed in lockstep with Attain Partners’ Ron Salluzzo, co-author of the reference book, Strategic Financial Analysis for Higher Education: Identifying, Measuring, and Reporting Financial Risks—the man who literally wrote the book on Composite Financial Index (CFI)—Attain Strategic Finance Performance (Attain SFP) automatically calculates your institutions CFI and all the underlying primary and subsidiary ratios. Unsatisfied with simple calculation, Ron and his co-authors from KPMG and Prager Sealy developed a simple-to-understand recommendation engine that gives institutions a tailored set of strategic recommendations based on their specific situation.

Attain SFP features include:

Composite Financial Index (CFI)

Ratio Map (RM)

Formula Viewer

Automatic Performance Summary

Tailored Recommendations from Ron Salluzzo

Attain Rate

Calculate your rate and build your proposal

Attain Rate, our proprietary recovery rate calculation tool, helps your organization navigate the dynamic regulatory environment affecting cost recovery rates. Attain Rate provides a single location to import and analyze your organization’s data. With built-in functionality allowing you to adjust the mapping of your cost data, Attain Rate allows you to efficiently model scenarios that optimize your cost recovery rate calculation on an ongoing basis.

Attain Rate features include:

30+ reports for long-form proposals

15+ built-in pools and subpools

Powerful automated cost mapping rules

Clear allocation visualizations