Strategy Services

From streamlining and optimizing workflows to developing change management strategies and strategic plans, we help identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of growth and progress. Our professionals can help you strategically transform and manage people, processes, and technology to move your organization forward and make an impact that lasts. Explore our strategy services below.

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Our team works with your institution to help you gain a clear understanding of the efficacy of existing DE&I practices. Additionally, we will help you outline actionable steps for future improvements and ultimately, advancement to an optimized state where DE&I is a competitive advantage for your institution.

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We help our clients design organizations aligned with strategy to reduce costs, drive performance, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health, providing them a blueprint/framework and roadmap for their organizations.

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Leveraging the industry gold standard Prosci methodology positions us to guide clients through the challenging landscape of change, whether it be developmental, transitional, or transformational. We deliver transformative results that lead to strong return on investments.

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Armed with our expertise and a deep understanding of industry structures and dynamics, we work to strengthen our clients’ strategy development processes, enhance overall strategic decision-making, and optimize and sustain desired results created by change.

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Our deep management and technology consulting expertise help organizations optimize the way their people, processes, and technology work together. We take a methodical approach to assessing and analyzing problems, designing new organizational architectures, and streamlining workflows and processes.

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We are one of the industry’s leading providers of end-to-end program and project management support services for large-scale systems integration and development programs. We deliver value through acquisition support, earned value management (EVM), schedule management, systems engineering, and independent verification and validation (IV&V).

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We deliver the cost-effective, innovative solutions our clients need, using tools and a series of proprietary financial ratios that have been developed over 30 years and are presented in the industry-standard reference book, Strategic Financial Analysis for Higher Education: Identifying, Measuring, and Reporting Financial Risks, co-authored by Attain Partners.​

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From F&A cost recovery to Salesforce essentials, we offer a program of tools, frameworks, applications, and best practices to help our clients achieve success faster, easier, and for less, all with a predictable result.

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We enable schools to optimize their operations, reduce administrative burden, and improve the overall experience for students. We accomplish this by working with organizations to leverage existing strengths while sharing our in-depth knowledge of federal regulations, industry best practices, and proven technology solutions.

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With over 40 years of experience, Attain Partners provides tailored library planning and strategy services to academic and research libraries, bringing in expertise from across different industries to provide a uniquely thorough and innovative approach.


We are dedicated to improving workforce capabilities, helping employees at all levels learn methods and tools to drive real financial and tangible results at their organizations. We offer robust advisory services and comprehensive training and certification programs, including Lean Six Sigma (LSS).