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Attain Strategic Finance Performance (Attain SFP) captures the approach of Attain Partners’ Ron Salluzzo, co-author of the reference book, Strategic Financial Analysis for Higher Education: Identifying, Measuring, and Reporting Financial Risks. He literally wrote the book on Composite Financial Index (CFI)—and some of the regulation on monitoring the financial health of academic institutions. Attain SFP enables institutions to review and understand their Composite Financial Index (CFI), Primary Ratios, and Subsidiary Ratios through visually appealing graphs, interactive formula displays, and a tailored set of recommendations directly from Ron.

Clear and Reliable Calculations

Attain SFP provides accuracy, consistency, and transparency to the process of calculating and assessing a CFI and Primary Ratios by walking users through all of the formulas and conversion factors used by the system.

Attain platform CFI breakdown on laptop screen
Attain platform primary reserve information on laptop screen

Explore your Primary Ratio Drivers

By showing the math step by step and where each value ties to financial statements, users can independently explore the key drivers of each ratio. Additionally, to make the process as easy as possible, we manage the data load for you—simply submit your annual financial statements and then you’ll be able to explore your institution’s financial health with ease

Plan for the
Future with

In addition to providing comprehensive visuals and breakdowns of the CFI for the most current year, Attain SFP also allows users to explore changes in their CFI and Primary Ratios over time. This functionality enables institutions to see trends in financial health and enables custom forecasting of financial impacts through the creation of prospective years. 

Tailored Recommendations from Experts

In addition to this powerful functionality, Attain SFP includes a customized recommendation engine, which explains the implications of your results in detail and provides a tailored set of actions to consider for improving each metric. Attain SFP provides a unique set of recommendations directly from Ron Salluzzo based on your CFI and underlying ratios.

Going a step further, our recommendation engine engages with users to understand additional context for their institution—such as planned capital campaigns, debt covenants, costs per credit hour, etc.—allowing the system to generate further customized recommendations.

Attain platform list on laptop screen

Attain Strategic Finance Performance (SFP) provides 30 years of experience rolled into a simple solution to calculate CFI and deliver recommendations. Learn how SFP can improve your organization’s financial health in this video featuring Attain Partners Partner, Reshma Patel-Jackson, and CFI creator, Ron Salluzzo.

What you get:

Composite Financial Index (CFI)

Formula Viewer

Automatic Performance Summary

Tailored Recommendations from Ronald Salluzzo

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