Interim Staffing

Drawing on our deep and talented pool of subject matter experts, Attain Partners helps place interim talent into your institution to ensure operations continue to run smoothly and that you receive optimal funding.

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Our Approach

Research institutions are facing an unprecedented gap in institutional knowledge. Finding the right person to fill that gap can be a struggle, especially in the current hiring climate, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

At Attain Partners, we can help you fill those gaps with functional and technical experts who understand research administration, financial aid, and Federal compliance. We will provide you with several qualified candidates and work with you to select those that best fit your operational needs as well as your style of work and culture. We can help your institution keep the wheels turning and headed in the right direction with our staffing expertise.

What We Do

Our interim staffing services are based on decades of experience in the field and draw on our unique pool of top-level talent. We focus on providing your team with the resources it needs to support the important mission of your institution.

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Deliver qualified experts from our unique talent pool to fill your institution’s staffing requirements

Match your team with the right resources for its unique needs, work style, and culture

Utilize our expertise to ensure your institution receives optimal funding

Ensure your institution continues to run smoothly by providing the highest level of interim staffing to meet your needs

For the latest insights from our experts, check out the Attain Partners blog, including these posts on interim staffing.

How You Benefit

Our mission is to help you advance yours. With our interim staffing services, you can:

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Continue to work towards your mission without interruption
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Use our unique talent pool to further your mission goals
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Integrate our subject matter experts seamlessly into your team
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Navigate an unprecedented workplace and hiring landscape with ease
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