Strategic Finance

Our team provides cost-effective, actionable strategic finance solutions using today’s best practices and proven tools and processes. Discover how we can help your organization improve its financial health and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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Our Approach

Today’s public sector organizations operate in unknown environments with a multitude of constantly shifting factors. These factors include market demographic information, evolving competition, emerging technologies, and much more. Organization leaders are tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of making critical decisions about how and where to prepare and invest. You can’t see the future, but you can be prepared for it. At Attain Partners, we offer objective assessments of organizational performance and risks to help leaders make data-driven decisions that maximize opportunity and minimize financial risk.

What We Do

We use tools and a series of proprietary financial ratios that have been developed over 30 years. Our approach is based on the industry-standard reference book, Strategic Financial Analysis for Higher Education: Identifying, Measuring, and Reporting Financial Risks, co-authored by Attain Partners.

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Deliver insight and value in both the short- and long-term

Provide an objective picture of your overall financial health

Translate financial and related risk measurement concepts into meaningful insights for decision making and strategic planning

Align your team under the same financial vision

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How You Benefit

Our Strategic Finance and Risk Management services empower organizations with the insight needed to make critical decisions, enabling you to:

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Build the financial strength needed to achieve your mission
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Create business strategies based on objective data
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Respond effectively to the market and identify new opportunities

Attain Strategic Finance Performance

Instant results and recommendations to improve your financial health

Though often mocked, the phrase “unknown unknown” is an appropriate one with respect to the true financial health of many higher education institutions. Designed and developed in lockstep with Attain Partners’ Ron Salluzzo, co-author of the reference book, Strategic Financial Analysis for Higher Education: Identifying, Measuring, and Reporting Financial Risks—the man who literally wrote the book on Composite Financial Index (CFI)—Attain Strategic Finance Performance (Attain SFP) automatically calculates your institution’s CFI and all the underlying primary and subsidiary ratios. Unsatisfied with simple calculation, Ron and his co-authors from KPMG and Prager Sealy developed a simple-to-understand recommendation engine that provides institutions with a tailored set of strategic recommendations based on their specific situation.

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