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In May 2022, Attain Partners acquired Juran. Now known as Attain Partners | Juran, we offer robust advisory services and comprehensive training and certification programs, including Lean Six Sigma (LSS). Attain Partners | Juran has helped organizations worldwide improve their performance—project by project—in the healthcare, technology, energy, government, defense, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, and financial services sectors, with clients such as Raytheon, Sinai Health Systems, and Kaiser Permanente.

Our Approach

We help you solve problems within your organization. By transferring our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we help organizations deliver consistent quality for their customers.

When organizations are operating at the highest level every day, it improves the lives of the people they serve, therefore improving society as a whole.

Whether you represent a hospital, insurance provider, or any type of company, we recognize the importance of your work, and we exist to make it better. We achieve this by providing long-term solutions, so once you’ve been equipped with our proven strategies, you will have the necessary skills to face any problem and prevent it from occurring again.

We are dedicated to improving workforce capabilities helping employees at all levels learn methods and tools to drive real financial and tangible results at their organizations. Attain Partners | Juran offers customized in-person, virtual (self-paced e-learning), and hybrid training models for executives and senior leaders/managers down to frontline teams and employees.

IMPRO (powered by Attain Partners | Juran) is our custom e-learning platform where learners have access to self-paced course content, modules, materials, resources and the Attain Partners | Juran Knowledge base, which we call our “google for Quality”. Our certifications are globally recognized and our accreditation is backed by IACET.

Attain Partners | Juran can help you solve complex problems for your organization, grow your skill set, advance your career, and earn CEUs. Learn more here.

What We Do

We help you analyze the business and take steps to improve. To achieve success it’s important to accept and embrace some core ideas:

Aiming for excellence will always reduce costs and sustain financial performance.

Focusing on the areas of your business where it is likely to have the greatest impact will always make sense.

Use the Attain Partners | Juran Trilogy and its mantra of ‘design—control—improve’ to build strength into the business.

The importance of quality from your customers’ perspective – in product, service and process design and delivery.

For more comprehensive information, please visit the Attain Partners | Juran website.

Industry Impact

Attain Partners | Juran’s impact on businesses is not only measurable, but universal.

Our clients come from more than 60 countries and comprise all kinds of businesses, from the traditional to the innovative, from manufacturing to service businesses, in sectors as diverse as defence and healthcare, food production, and pharmaceuticals.

Over $5 billion Total Saved by Our Clients
25,000 People Trained
950+ Clients
5:1 Average Return on Investment

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