Partnership Announcement: Attain Partners & Amp Impact

Amp Impact and Attain Partners

We are thrilled to announce that Attain Partners and the Amp Impact team from Vera Solutions have officially launched a partnership. Attain Partners is now among a very exclusive group of partners around the world enabled to implement Amp Impact; a product built right on the Salesforce platform and changing the way organizations track and measure impact.

Why I’m Excited

I’ve been working for and with nonprofit organizations since 2007. In that time, I’ve had the distinct privilege of engaging with hundreds of mission-centric organizations dedicated to creating change in their communities. While there were many flavors and sounds to the conversation, each and every one of those organizations were grappling with the fundamental questions of, “Is it working? Are we having the impact we’re striving for? Are students, clients, participants and/or our community better off because of the work we’re doing?” These can be incredibly difficult questions to answer.

I’m excited about Attain Partners’s new partnership with Amp Impact because it helps nonprofits begin to answer these questions. I believe Amp Impact can be a game changer for nonprofits because:

  • It meets you where you’re at. Amp Impact works with any indicators and evaluation frameworks. Your program team doesn’t need to adapt your measurement framework to fit a tool. In addition, you can expand your existing use of Salesforce. Amp Impact can be layered on to your current program/case management solution in order to measure outcomes. Alternatively, you can start with outcomes measurement. Amp Impact can serve as a stand alone measurement and evaluation tool to aggregate portfolio impact data.
  • It brings data together to understand performance. Sometimes program data just can’t be stored in Salesforce. You may have funder mandated or other required systems you simply must keep using. The unintended consequences are often data silos, duplicative data entry by staff, and spending countless hours to report on performance. Amp Impact eases that burden and allows you to import program data right into your evaluation frameworks so that you can measure aggregate performance about a program or the organization.
  • It’s ‘leaning in’ to Salesforce. Amp Impact isn’t just built on Salesforce with a narrow set of use cases. Just the opposite, in fact. Amp Impact is architected to take advantage of some of the best features of Salesforce serving nonprofits. It’s flexible and capitalizes on Salesforce’s drag-click-drop configuration to build out frameworks, indicators, etc. All Amp Impact features (including Indicators, Frameworks, Implementation Plans, Financials, and Narrative Submissions) can be used on any standard or custom Salesforce object. It can be used in Salesforce Communities, further extended to Tableau, on mobile and more. Amp Impact can add value without limiting how you use Salesforce today or in the future.

The Future

Our communities depend on the social sector; especially during challenging times like we’ve experienced over the last year. However, nonprofit organizations are constantly pushed to do more with less and simultaneously demonstrate success with data. In response, Attain Partners is doubling down on our commitment to the social sector. We believe Amp Impact closes the ‘input to impact’ gap challenging many nonprofits.

Attain Partners is thrilled to formally partner with Amp Impact. We believe that by implementing Vera Solutions’ innovative product, we can empower organizations to generate holistic insights that will inform decisions and ultimately transform programs—and our communities—for the better.

Interested in learning more? Email and our team will coordinate time to connect.