Key Takeaways from Education Summit

After attending Salesforce Education Summit, I came away energized and excited about the future of the platform. It is impressive to see the amazing work that has been done by schools and universities from all over the world. From our client, the University of Colorado’s demo showing how their digital-first initiatives have improved relationships with students, to Monash University in Australia sharing how they were able to pivot and provide online plans to ensure students could continue to learn while at home during the pandemic, the case studies clearly illustrated the power of Salesforce when used effectively.

At Attain Partners, we believe that is the key to success with products—we provide both platform and implementation expertise to not only help our clients get set up with Salesforce, but to harness its capabilities for its greatest potential solving each institutions individual business problems. Taking these amazing tools and using them both strategically and efficiently is the sweet spot where Attain Partners thrives.

During Education Summit, I really enjoyed seeing the platform in action and hearing how it has truly transformed the way organizations engage with students, allowing me to further develop my own expertise of these exciting tools and the myriad ways they can be used to improve business operations in education. In my opinion, this is the best part of attending conferences like Education Summit. See below for key takeaways from my favorite sessions from the Summit and links to watch each session on your own.

Large College, Small Staff: How Marketing Automation Can Help

In today’s world where organizations are tasked with doing more with less, learning how to maximize your investment is vital. This session focused on Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and how they utilized marketing automation to improve engagement and performance rates. Many organizations struggle with the decision to take the leap and NOVA discussed how they took the first steps with Salesforce and Pardot to build a foundation for future growth. Click here to see their session.

Alumni & Friends: UChicago’s Implementation of Experience with UC Innovation

The world of advancement and alumni relations focuses on bringing engagement strategies into the 21st century to make the most of the ever-changing world of technology. This session shows how the University of Chicago and UC Innovation developed a solution that was experience-first. This solution brought resources together and provides lifelong learning opportunities based on the user’s interest. Click here to learn more.

Student Success and Salesforce: CU Boulder’s 6-Year Journey

The University of Colorado now has over 30 business units throughout campus utilizing the Salesforce platform and Attain Partners is proud to be its trusted, strategic implementation partner since 2012. Having worked with them from the beginning of their evolution, we have had the privilege of serving on a variety of projects across multiple campuses and at the system level. It has been an honor to help them leverage a series of Salesforce products to increase both efficiency and engagement. This session clearly illustrates how data collected from custom-built applications helps drive student success throughout the organization. Click here to learn more.

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These highlights are just a few of the amazing sessions that were at the Education Summit. They demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Salesforce platform when it comes to providing a full student experience and illustrate that with a trusted implementation partner, achieving your business goals can be a painless process. No matter if your organization is beginning its Salesforce journey or 10+ years into development, there’s always room for improvement and growth. Contact Attain Partners today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals by harnessing the power of Salesforce.

About the author:

Chad Simmons is an Associate Business Development Director at Attain Partners. Since 2013, Chad has helped hundreds of organizations implement innovative technology solutions designed to meet their complex needs. Chad’s focus is demonstrating the value of the Salesforce Platform and Attain Partners’ services to higher education and healthcare clients.